The massive shortage of  PPE supplies for front-line healthcare workers fighting the corona virus pandemic has posed a threat to millions of lives at risk. As a medical supply company based in Hong Kong, we are working around the clock to address the urgent demand of PPE supplies requests from around the world. Over the months back, we have supplied millions of face masks and other PPE items to companies, organizations and individuals in Spain, Italy, UK, US, France, and Australia.  Our objective is clear: delivering the urgent needed medical supplies to as many healthcare heros as possible. We currently provide following items in bulks to our customers:

All the items provided are CE; FDA cerificated-Quality tested and free to be imported

To those looking for PPE Supplies in bulks: 


Due to the drastic spike in demand and the high turnover rate of stocks, it is very difficult and almost impossible to provide exact quotes on lead times until a Purchase Order (PO) is received from a customer. Price is also changing almost on a daily basis, so we cannot offer a fixed quote on the product on our website. Queries regarding price of any item, please email


Payment term is as follow and non negotiable (This is now consistent across the whole market.):


Typically 50% paid after contract is signed, after which we will coordinate with production or live stock arrangement. 50% paid upon shipping from the factory (the order is  validated by a 3rd party partner). Live video inspection is also available.

If you have demand for the above PPE items, please email us at  Our customer support team will aim to respond within 4 hours of hearing from you.



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