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The Story

Coronavirus outbreak has caused widespread health concerns on a global scale lately. It has caused hundreds of thoudsands of people die, with the largest number of cases in China, Korea, Italy and Iran. As the epdemic spreads out we see an interesting development: China has taken strict control of the virus since its outbreak by urging citizens to wear a mask (Thanks to the act the virus spread has recently been tamed as shown by a lowering number of new comfirm cases.). Yet governments of western countries have taken an indifferent attitude in informing the public of the importance of wearing a mask against possible infection. This has led many people to believe that they do not need to wear a mask amid the widespread epidemic. Purely dangerous! It is simply hard to imagine that 1.4 billion people in China are wearing a mask everyday while in countries where confirmed cases are growing people are still taking a light view on the issue by not wearing a mask on.The governments in the west have sent out a wrong message.


That said, it is not hard to understand why the government statments have been consistent in not making wearing mask a must to their citizens. 50% of the masks in the world are manufactured in China and many countries simply do not have the scaleable capacity to product masks in a short period of time, nor do they have sufficient supplies. The world has seen a significant shortage of masks supplies with people hoarding up masks. The governments have to make the misleading claims of 'Masks is for patients, not for unaffected people' or 'Wearing a mask does not keeps you from coronavirus', because their priority appears to be maintaining order and stability in public.


From a personal standpoint, you should wear a mask on during this outbreak of disease. This shows you are responsible for your own health, and your families, friends and people around you. (Imagine if China has not taken a tough measure by 'forcing' people to wear mask, the confirmed cases would have been 6 times as high, as predicted by Zhong Nanshan, the lead of Coronavirus Emergancy Team in China.)


As the epidemic has died down in China, the supplies of masks and other medical equips have recovered. We are here to provide those supplies to anyone who care about their health, at low cost!


We are working with qualified Chinese and Japanese factories to deliver masks and medical supplies to people in need. Our products are highly selected and are certified by relevant organizations (i.e. CE; FDA etc.). We wish you well and we hope we can make your life easier during this emergency.



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